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Outsourced Finance Department

We offer an end to end outsourcing model with both on site and off site model where in skilled team is dedicatedly deployed to manage the various day to day activities and also take up all compliance and reporting responsibilities. In brief we play the role of your finance department as per the agreed SLA.

Payroll Management & Compliance

We take up complete payroll process outsourced to us where in we manage it in a secured & cloud based web application where each employee of our client is given the access to see all the relevant details required by them. We have attractive pricing for small organizations who can’t afford these technologies due to their low number of employees.

Vendor Reconciliation Desk

As part of internal check and control we implement verification system to ensure correct invoice & materials are dispatched to correct customer location, through which all the invoices and dispatches run through our executives on site with a check list based concurrent review system with a proper periodical reporting.

Employee Travel Claim processing desk

In large organizations with multiple locations frequent movement of employees is common and they would need to be given advance and later the same needs to be settled frequently. We take up the task of reviewing the claims against the standard organization rules and guidelines and compute the settlement claim and advice for recovery or payment of the balance. Most important aspect wrt this work is our independence in verifying which may be difficult for the internal employees due to their positioning.

Our Other Services

Receivables Management & Audits

Ensuring timely collection is a very important task for every organization

Assets & Inventory Management

It’s a complete solution to manage the fixed assets, starting from capitalization

Industry Specific offerings

Managing all types of showroom audits with different scope and coverage, Stock audits

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we offer a one stop assurance and outsourcing solutions to take care of all their non core activities for them.