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Receivable Management


Client Management

  • Admin can manage clients by creating new client list.

  • Modify client’s information.

Customer Management

  • Admin/Manager can create customer list.

  • Modify customer’s information.

Staff Management

  • Admin can create new employees and managers.

  • Manager can create employees.

  • Once manager created by admin default username and password will go to his/her email id.

Task Management

  • Admin/ Manager can create task or invoice of specific customers of client.

  • Admin/ Manager can assign/ reassign the tasks to employee to track specific invoices.

  • Employee can track customer invoices and update feedback information on comment box which is visible to admin, manager and employees.


  • Client summary report.

  • Employee’s summary report.

  • All client summary report.

  • Admin/Manager can export reports to excel.

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