Pro-Team provides complete assistance in warehouse operations, which also involves operating day-to-day functions, receiving and systematizing warehouse space, designing, planning labor functions, administering stock, and meeting orders.

Warehouse Support Manpower Outsourcing

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) basically manages to decrease the complexity of warehouse administration. It intends to work on the intricacy of dealing with a stockroom.
A WMS assists in:

  • Providing detailed information on analysis, calculates sales, and builds effective operating plans on a routine basis.
  • Saving data in ERP modules or other independent programming items, for example, bookkeeping software, transportation of the executive’s arrangements, and expanding the effectiveness of business activities.
  • Scrutinizing and recording the warehouse operations for a profound understanding of how effectively and efficiently the stockroom is working and the possibilities of improvements.
  • Guides users in giving directions step-by-step on how to go through daily processes that include packing orders, receiving, storage, packing, shipping, etc. within set norms.
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Many companies’ warehouses deals with inaccurate bookkeeping of stocks, done manually, which resulted in building up of obsolete inventory. With such inaccuracy, companies faces a

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In-house handlers often find it difficult to store the stocks in an organized way and often end up messily arranging them.

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In most cases, in-charge workers neglect the quality of the procured goods and often neglect the expiry date of the items, which results in the company incurring losses.

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Digitization is gearing up its speed in today’s era. However, most of the warehouses are stuck in their traditional method of recording their goods in a spreadsheet. Such manual processes are more prone to errors and inaccuracies.

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Be it small-biz, medium, or a large one, every company follows the Pareto Principle, where 80 percent of the generation of their sales comes from 20% of their inventory. Though, with frequent fluctuations in customer demand,

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Here we are, Pro-TEAM Solutions is among the professional Warehouse Support Services in India. After scrutinizing and evaluating, we come up with some of the best and most productive solutions that prove to be fruitful for our clients. We survey each and every operation personally to ensure the effectiveness of the warehouse operations without compromising its quality and cost of maintenance. Hence, our prime focus is on the ROI of our client’s company. We try to achieve the highest degree of productivity, satisfying the order precisely to attain benefits at minimal expense.

Furthermore, our WMS specialists personally assists the entire warehousing staff to make them more effective and systematic in their work domain. In order to do so, we present real-time insights to managers and workers by showing reports and analytics that are easy to understand. Hence, it allows their business to grow by adapting to the market-changing culture.

  • Order Handling
  • Warehouse Operations Management
  • Warehouse Software Implementation
  • Dispatch Verification
  • POD Tracking

Showroom Inventory Audit

We are one of the leading service providers for retail industry at PAN India level and we offer specific customised services which include showroom audit, compliance audits, warehouse audit, return / damaged stock audit, SOP audit, hygiene audit, dispatch audit, GRN audit, reconciliation and asset confirmation.