Pro-Team offers Industries specific & customized solutions. Preferred Outsourcing Partner for Non-core functional Needs Geographical-boundaries-dont-stop-us-from-delivering-our-services-to-even-the-remotest-place dummy dummy Pro-Team offers Industries specific & customized solutions.

Pro-TEAM Solutions is an ISO Certified Management Consulting Company focusing on internal controls, audits, process outsourcing, compliance, and technology. We adopt a customized-solution approach and have become an “Extended Arm” of our clients on their various initiatives to support them in achieving their business objectives.

Pro-TEAM believes in investing ample time in analyzing their client’s requirements and offering customized solutions by deploying appropriate resources and leveraging technology to its full potential best by offering each service as ITeS (IT-enabled service).

About Pro-Team Solution Services
If you want the best services, come to us.

We leverage our years of expertise and top-of-the-line practice knowledge to help business leaders fully realize and successfully implement their strategic goals. With PAN India presence, delivery capabilities, and a process-driven approach, Pro-TEAM Solutions positions itself as the single largest service provider to accommodate all non-core functional needs for its customers.

Today, Pro-TEAM Solutions is a preferred service provider for many major industry verticals, such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and start-up because of its “Object-Oriented Approach” to managing the service and ensuring timely delivery and accountability.

Specialised Services: Store Audit
Stock Audit
Specialised Services: Compliance Process Mgt.
Compliance Process Mgt.
Specialised Services: Project Site Inventory Mgt.
Project Site Inventory Mgt.
Specialised Services: Vendor Support Services
Vendor Support Services
Specialised Services: Manpower Outsourcing
Manpower Outsourcing
Specialised Services: IS Audit
IS Audit
Specialised Services: Fixed Asset Mgt.
Fixed Asset Mgt.
Specialised Services: Internal Controls Mgt.
Internal Controls Mgt.
Specialised Services: Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management
Specialised Services: Receivable Mgt.
Receivable Mgt.


The Indian government is coming up with lots of initiative in developing new infrastructure and ensure electrification
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Retail / FMCG

The Indian retail industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade with a significant shift
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Manufacturing industry has a unique challenge of managing the operations of multiple locations and multiple products
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The majority of healthcare facilities today have difficulties managing their Mediclaim's and receivables on time.
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Managing fixed assets and supporting human resources as well as finances has become a daunting task in the hospitality industry.
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01 03 1 Can’t focus on your core activities?

Don’t let non-core activities drive away your customers. We handle all the accounting, auditing, warehouse, inventory, tax compliance, and other non-core activities with the utmost priority.

01 04 Aiming To Grow or Start a New Business?

We assist in business expansion for administering their non-core job nationwide. Also, we aid startups in Internal Controls, Audits, Process Outsourcing, and Compliance & Technology.

01 05 1 Want To Automate Your Business?

In addition to our custom software tools, we also provide ERP systems that automate complex manual processes. Just a click away from simplifying your complex manual labor.

01 06 1 Your Business Needs Accountability?

Finding accountability from an in-house person is a losing proposition, whereas we take complete accountability for the assigned task

01 07 1 Agency With Strong Industry Exposure?

We have a vast exposure in different industrial sectors updating ourselves with latest business trends assuring the best solutions and services.

01 08 1 Interested in trained resources?
A team of dedicated professionals that are knowledgeable about industries best practices, have substantial experience, and have exposure to different industrial verticals.
"Pan India services"

Pro-TEAM Solutions don’t believe in geographical boundaries. Hence, we never hesitated in extending our hands to even remotest locations. Our professional team voyages to your comfort location to meet the company’s demands and satisfaction level. Developing healthy relations with our business clients’ by providing our top-notch services with efficacious results is our only motto

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Showroom Inventory Audit

We are one of the leading service providers for retail industry at PAN India level and we offer specific customised services which include showroom audit, compliance audits, warehouse audit, return / damaged stock audit, SOP audit, hygiene audit, dispatch audit, GRN audit, reconciliation and asset confirmation.