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Project Inventory Management

1. For turnkey projects that track materials from the time of its commencement till the project handover (i.e. BOQ, Receipts, MRHOV, Billing Issues, Consumption, Return, and Reconciliation)

2. It comes up with various analytical reports which help the Project team, SCM, Finance, and Management to take a timely decision and complete the project within a stipulated period.

3. It is customized to handle all standard store operations of any Project (Electrification, Power Generation & Distribution, Sub Stations, Renewable energy, AC Ducting & Plumbing, etc. ) and can take up additional client-specific customization as per requirement.

4. This tool can be integrated with ERP (SAP, Oracle, etc.) for any data migration and synchronization.

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Project Inventory Management

Human Resource Management Systems

Pro-HRMS is a complete end-to-end solution for Human Resource Management. This tool is designed to take care of all the functionalities of the HR department. Starting from

  • 1. Addition to new employees
  • 2. Joining Formalities
  • 3. Attendance Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • 5. Exit and Appraisals

It also have employee self-management portal allowing them to login and access payslips, upload all the joining documents and any other interaction relating to the HR Department

a. HRMS has been designed to take care of multi-divisions and multi-location organizations.

b. It also has got in-built approval workflows wherein the entire HRMS activities are carried out online by various functional heads.

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Human Resource Management Systems

Receivable Management System

Pro-RMS is a complete tracking mechanism to take up all the activities from the post-invoicing stage until the bills are collected. It acts as an important tool in the hands of the customer follow-up executive. It is specifically designed to:

  • 1. Facilitate the segregation of the customer/invoices among the collection executives.
  • 2. Track the milestone base progress at a customer level.
  • 3.Segregates with the invoicing issue for reconciliation
  • 4. Records all the contact information of all the clients for future follow-ups
  • 5. Classified analytical data of outstanding data for decision making.
  • 6. Auto-reminders and alerts for overdue bills.
  • 7. A system of recording follow-up history for each invoice (Audit Trail)

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Receivable Management System

Lead Management System

PRO-CRM (Lead Management System) mainly focuses on sales lead management activity. Some of the features of this software tool are as follows:

1. Maps all the service verticals (products & services) that our clients wish to market or sell.

2. System of recording customer's database.

3. Provision to capture all relevant information about every customer, which is essential to convert a lead.

4. Feature to manage the entire sales executive team on this platform and utilization tracking

5. Workflow-based tracking of lead generation system and it also has a system to track the lead progress based on milestones.

6. Facilitate custom-made reports, that is, industry-wise/service-wise and executive-wise

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Lead Management System

Document Management System

Pro-DMS is comprehensive cloud-based document storage with easy retrieval options. It manages role-based access to various documents.

1. It has features of bulk document migrations to get started.

2. It can also be configured on the local server depending on the requirement

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Document Management System

Fixed Asset Management Solution

Pro-FATT completes the ERP for managing fixed assets. A complete life cycle of fixed assets has been mentioned below:

1. Procurement

2. Capitalization

3.Numbering and Barcode Tagging

4. Assets Verification

5. Depreciation Accounting

6. Tracking movement of Fixed Assets

7. Sales/Write-off of assets We also provide some additional features along with the above-mentioned features,

such as the following.

a. Documentation Management

b. Assets maintenance-related features

c. Lease assets or Third-party management assets

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Fixed Asset Management Solution

Process Confirmation Tracking (PRO-CHECKLIST TOOL)

PRO-CHECKLIST is a very important internal control system that enables the management to get a periodical assurance from its own department about its own compliances and processes.

1. Its an online process confirmation tool

2. Configured for various processes

3. Gives a summary of processes, confirms as well as deviations

4. Examples of management by exceptions

5. Processes are the management team can focus and attend on the division/processes where there are negative confirmations.

6. It enables each confirmation with the documentation being enclosed.

7. It also acts as a shred of audit evidence for the external auditor.

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Process Confirmation Tracking

Showroom Inventory Audit

We are one of the leading service providers for retail industry at PAN India level and we offer specific customised services which include showroom audit, compliance audits, warehouse audit, return / damaged stock audit, SOP audit, hygiene audit, dispatch audit, GRN audit, reconciliation and asset confirmation.