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Services classified based on the customer’s functional verticals

Consulting Services

Accounts, Finance & Payroll

We offer an end to end outsourcing model with both on site and off site model

Receivables Management

Ensuring timely collection is a very important task for every organization

Assets & Inventory Management

It’s a complete solution to manage the fixed assets, starting from capitalization

Industry Specific offerings

Managing all types of showroom audits with different scope and coverage, Stock audits

BPO Services

Voice Process Outsourcing

Each company reaches out to its customers, generally through calling

Non-Voice Process Outsourcing

Clients can achieve faster resolutions for their customers by working

Infra Services

Stores Management

Comprehensive review of Project Site by a professional team

Execution Support

Individuals who plant to start new business, Proprietors / exising business men

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we offer a one stop assurance and outsourcing solutions to take care of all their non core activities for them.